Why Be Divided


“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.”  — Luke 11:17 KJV

What a world that we live in today.  In my thirty-four years of life, I have never seen our country so divided, whether that’s become of the president or even the mindset of people.  I mean sure, we have always be a divided country, I’m sure our parents and grandparents has many stories they can share with us on harder times.  Why does it feel like we are moving backwards as a country and as a people?  Why are we trying to use sports as a way of division in my mind?  Why is there some churches trying to use their platform for division?  So many questions…so many different answers!

I was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan (YOOPER!!) until aged six.  My father was in the Air Force for some years and was moved to the base there from what I have been told.  I remember our home right on the corner of an intersection and across from this huge toy store (seriously, what kid would forget that!).  There was not a lot of African-American children where we were but my parents did not try to divide me from the environment that I was in.  It was an opportunity to learn about other races, even at a young age.  Sure, my father and mother wanted me to be around more kids of my skin tone but everyone got along so it forces the parents to do the same.

When viewing Jesus Christ, He was the ultimate “divided” person in the land.  He did no wrong, but people found ways to dislike, torment and hate him in spite of all the GOOD that he brought to many.  Even within the twelve disciples, you had one (Judas) who was so jealous that he turned against our own savior!  Luke 11:17 verse really is the essence of what our country is facing today.  Our very own people, whether same race, sex, ethnicity, you name it are divided more than ever.  And because of this, the subject of racism and hate crimes are trending up each day.  As the full story of Trayvon Martin begins on Paramount Network, his death was the re-introduction into racism and hate crimes as we know it.  Maybe we were just envious…I don’t know.

Even with all that is going on in our world, the question I ask is “why be divided?”  Jesus himself tried to help everyone around him, not dividing himself from anyone.  He helped those that loved him, those that dislike him and even those that would eventually turn against him!  Are we above Christ? NOPE!  When I answer this question, I HAVE to look at the example of Jesus and know that if He did not believe in dividing then I am not going to do the same.  ALL OF US have different issues and obstacles that we face each and every day, the last thing we should have as Godly people is to divide ourselves against one another.  What purpose is that serving in doing this?  What joy and happiness is this bring in your life?  Think of this, how are you affecting the person that you are dividing from?  You might be the close friend that they need in their life.  The one voice that could stop them from destroying themselves or others.  GOD did not create MAN and WOMAN to just be about US only!  We were created to bring life, to spread joy against each other and to grow HIS kingdom.

To my brothers and sisters, let’s stop with this dividing spirit and start supporting and loving each other just as God always wanted!

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