What a Difference?

Wow! What a difference a day makes? Have you ever heard that phrase used? Or how about change starts with day one or One day at a time.

All very popular phrases; all having different meanings to different people. But I truly believe that within 24 hours changes occur… I mean the obvious is that we go from day to night, the weather either goes from cooler to warmer or if you live in MI from cold to freezing cold (OMG… so cold in the “D”).

I have been contemplating posting this picture on my social media for weeks now. I mean you can clearly see a change – but me personally it seems like is it enough change. Its the same outfit, similar hairstyles, clearly the same person but a significant change in weight loss. I am not going to lie, I have not dropped 100 lbs. And realistically that isn’t even my goal. The picture dated 2015 was taken in November – I knew I had gained a significant amount of weight but I was just living with it. I was not taking my health that serious. I went thru 2016 starting and stopping different diets, plans, suggestions and recommendations for true weight loss but I wasn’t taking it serious.

The picture dated 2017 was just recently taken on December 24, 2017. Early in the beginning of 2017 I had a reality check. I looked at myself and I said self… GET IT TOGETHER! In my career I am a health professional – daily I write, discuss and assist with programs that teach on healthier lifestyles. I felt like a hypocrite because here I am educating others but not following the plan myself. I had decided no more diets and fads I really wanted a lifestyle change and that is when I birthed “Making Healthier Choices”. That motto is for everything, not just diet and exercise but mentally, physically and spiritually my goal is to make healthier choices… and it takes time – “One day at a time”. I quickly began meal prepping every Sunday (this works for me and my family); when I know what we are eating each day it helps us avoid fast food and junk food. We have a planned meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I began exercising daily, even if it was just a lunchtime walk around my building or at the nearest park. Since then I now exercise at least 3 to 4 days out of the week and my meal planning includes several nutritious healthy meals. Mentally, I started pouring into myself – posting self motivating quotes, following positive speaking people like myself; people that were taking their time toward a healthier lifestyle. Spiritually, I read my bible more, increased my listening to more spiritual music and podcast that promote positive thinking.

My desire is that “Making Healthier Choices” becomes a huge movement. In all aspects of life we can make better choices whether financially – save a dollar and donate a dollar, socially – be kind to others, you have no idea what someone is going through, physically – move people; even if its just 10 minutes at a time, environmentally – be nicer to the world we live in – recycle, reduce your carbon footprint. And spiritually – get a closer relationship with God. All of these things – TO ME, make up a healthy lifestyle.

I feel better now.. the picture is out there.. WHEW!

Share some steps you are taking in order to “Make healthier choices” in 2018!

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