Ain’t nothing new under the sun

I think this generation (I won’t say millennial because personally I get tired of that label) sometimes get a bad rep because we come off as we know everything and we sometimes don’t seek help.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Ain’t nothing new under the sun” or “History repeats itself”. What we are going thru in this country and encountering individually; the generations before us have already seen that, done that and most conquered that. This racism we see is not new, yeah we thought it died because it was in our history books but it is very much ALIVE (unfortunately). When I think about myself being a mother, wife, and career woman – my mother been down this road I’m on. She can tell me how to manage all three and avoid pulling my hair out! My endeavors to invest, save and start my own business – my father has succeeded in these areas. My father is wise with finances and he started his own small business.

See…..we want to be so innovative and take a different road, which don’t get me wrong being innovative is GREAT but don’t reject wise counsel about what you are undertaking. Wouldn’t you rather have some direction of where the bumps and pitfalls are located on the path your taking. Absolutely make that road creative – it should look like you but don’t be so high and mighty you don’t ask for help or listen to those that came before you. Those very ones that came before us can instruct us not to make the same mistakes they have made.

I challenge you to get a mentor, get under someones wings that have accomplished what you are seeking to achieve.

Refuse good advice and watch your plans fail; take good counsel and watch them succeed. Proverbs 15:22 MSG



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