FastPass is a God-send…..Whew!

Thank God for FastPass…..Whew! If you don’t know what I am speaking about, I am referring to FastPass at Walt Disney World. This feature allows you to enjoy attractions quicker without waiting in line for a long period of time! We were able to bypass a few lines with this feature but oh! when it was over….what an experience!

i want it nowOur last vacation of the summer was a visit to Orlando, FL where of course we had to go see Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park. It was absolutely amazing but I have truly learned a new lesson on patience. At the most wonderful place on earth everyone is on edge, anxious and impatient….especially the CHILDREN. It was a constant “Momma, it’s taking to long”, “Aunnie (that’s what my nephew calls me) are we next?”, “Honey (oh, this was hubby, he’s not a child…or is he! Lol just kidding) what time is it, is it time yet?” OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Several times I thought for sure I would EXPLODE but I kept my patience. Someone had to be the level head in the bunch. Patience is truly a virtue. What does that mean? I did some Googling (Good Ol’ Google) and this was the definition I liked the best; patience is the ability to delay gratification and wait for things to happen in their time. And virtue is defined as goodness that creates more good. So, your waiting creates goodness.

Patience doesn’t come automatically; it’s certainly a learned, practiced behavior.

So much goodness came out of my patience and I am grateful. This trip gave me a chance to reflect how truly blessed we are; and that is where I drew my patience and strength from on this vacation. My husband and I were able to take our two sons and our youngest nephew to the most wonderful vacation in the USA. To see the excitement in their eyes and hear the enthusiasm in their voices was well worth their impatience.

Where do you draw your strength when you are growing impatient? Or do you do nothing and continue to murmur and become frustrated. Next time your patience is thin think about how God waits on you – and his patience far surpasses what we can obtain. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he will strengthen your heart. Next thing you know GOD will be giving you your FastPass to VICTORY! He may not always come when we want him but he’s always ON TIME!

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