How Determined Are You?

Last night, I made a Facebook post regarding my two sons and being excited for what the future holds for them.  I am mindful that it is my responsibility to develop and nurture them as best I can being their father.  It got me to thinking, “How Determined Are You?”

Everything that my parents did for my sister & I growing up was about having a better life than they had.  My dad and mom were determined to work as hard as they can, sometimes sacrificing their own future life, to put us in the best position possible.  I found out some years ago that my parents let their home foreclosed in order to put me and my sister in private schools.  I always wonder why they would do that to jeopardize their life, their home, their finances for a school!  As a father myself, I now understand that the bigger picture was always to have the next generation better than us.  This is something that I tell my sons almost daily that I want them better than me.  A quick thought, you should ALWAYS want to teach the next generation (whether your kids or the youth) to be GREATER than this generation.  The greatest challenge that my parents gave was to find a way to learn things quicker than they did.  My mother was a computer guru so I was always into technology even at a young age.  It was such a passion and drive to be better than my mom that I studied learning to build my own personal computer and source coding from seventh to ninth grade.  Today, I am pushing my oldest son (who’s tech savvy at age 7) to develop something of his own.

One of my favorite scriptures is “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  (Philippians 4:13 KJV)

It doesn’t matter what things might look like on the surface or in our crazy world, I will continue to push myself across the finish line!  I am continually learning to stay determined and do not lose your focus.  Whatever that you’re trying to accomplish in your lifetime, DO IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES.  For me, it’s doing everything to make life easier for my boys.  For you, stop and write down for a minute; what do you want to accomplish in your life?  Once you have that, PRAY to the LORD exactly what your desire is!  Whatever you want to do, is it going to be easy?  Probably not but remember “Nothing Can Stop A Determined Mind!”


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