Parents just don’t understand

No, seriously they/we don’t…lol

As a parent sometimes I just don’t understand my children but the funny thing is I was a child once. As we get older we forget what that age was like. As a child I always asked a lot of questions, my dad called me “20 questions“. I am noticing my younger son is exactly the same. He is not satisfied with one answer – he keeps asking question after question.question

Last week I snapped at him and I am just realizing that he is curious – so was I.  Well on this day, I was so carried away taking care of home, cooking, putting stuff away and my son kept asking “momma, is dinner ready?“, my response “Not yet baby.” He came back again, same question and I said “not quite, it takes time.” Here he comes again and my frustration is building but I remained calm. Finally, dinner was ready and I thought okay that’s it but no, another

stewie-momquestion, “mommy, how you cook so fast?” And I snapped on my baby, I raised my voice and said “WHY YOU ASK ME THAT QUESTION!” It was truly an innocent question, could have been a compliment but I didn’t stop and give my baby a chance.

If you are a parent, you have probably experienced this, maybe not the questions but something your child does that puzzles you, gets you frustrated; take time to truly understand your children. Remember YOUR children are an extension of you; some of their actions, attitudes and personalities come from you. Of course they do some things just on their own however be more understanding.

Today, I asked my son “why do you ask so many questions?“, “I don’t know momma, I just want to know things!” Nothing wrong with that, a little curiosity doesn’t hurt.

3 thoughts on “Parents just don’t understand

  1. HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! This is too funny because I remember Dad calling you 20 Questions. It got so bad your sister and I started calling you that as well! The funniest part of all of this is that your children are now of the age that you will start to see the “Parent’s Curse” coming to fruition. The “Parent’s Curse” is the one where your parents say to you, “You’ll find out one day when you have children and they do to you what you are doing to me now!” It happens to all of us and now is your time! Enjoy the 20 Questions v.2017 of yourself! LOL!!

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  2. Dionne Hackett

    Yes it is amazing how we forget. My children are adults and now I am watching my daughter and son in law raise my granddaughters. It’s amazing how the same thing that frustrated me as a mom is the same thing that she is dealing with. I like to call it pay back… Lol. But seriously. It’s really a joy to realize that they are just a mini you.


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