Year of the NON-NBA

Okay so to get this out-of-the-way, I AM A 90s BASKETBALL FAN!  Watching the NBA is the 90s was a joy in my much younger years. C’mon, who wasn’t hyped when the NBC music came on before a primetime game! I grew up a huge Chicago Bulls fan and of course Michael Jordan everything!  Seriously, how could you be a Bulls fan living in Detroit?  Well, I was and I watched every Bulls game on WGN at that time.  But as a whole, NBA basketball was more physical, competitive and entertaining in this era.  I love watching the Bulls vs. Knicks or the Lakers vs. Celtics because you just knew what was coming; a flat-out physical and intense game each time.

Since then, the NBA has gotten boring and predictable.  If you look at this year’s playoffs only, we already were waiting for the Cavs vs. Warriors for the third time!  There is no competition for them and it felt like watching JV teams playing Varsity if you know what I mean.  Now, before I jump in, the 80s were predominantly Lakers vs. Celtics every year!  You might as well just wait until the NBA Finals to be entertained.  Whether the term, “Super Teams” were used back then; those were indeed powerful teams with Hall of Fame type lineups.  Just research the Lakers and Celtics’ lineups in those eras and see for yourself!

Back to the title, “Year of the NON-NBA!”

This was the first time that I did not watch a SINGLE NBA basketball game! As an avid sports fan, it was unheard of.  My wife was shocked that I did not watch a game this year.  The truth is, I did not feel like I was missing anything.  The NBA has become soft, predictable for the referees, the powers of the NBA empire and the lack of competition.  Before the season began, EVERYONE knew that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors were destined for a third NBA Finals match.  All you had to do was look at both rosters and within seconds could determine that.  The NBA needs to do a facelift and see what can be done to bring back the days of the 90s badly!  This is a different game now, I acknowledge that, but where’s the entertainment right now?  Look at NBA All-Star Weekend as an example.  I remember all of my friends gathering at one house anticipating the events, like the dunk contest.  Even the all-star game was fierce but those days are long gone.




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