What’s your Turning Point?

As I sit back and reflect on my life and where God has taken me, I wonder “WHAT WAS MY TURNING POINT?”

Living with both my parents on the west side of Detroit, nothing was never perfect.  We did not live paycheck to paycheck but we weren’t taking vacations or trips on a regular basis.  I watched my father work day in and day out without much rest and my mother take care of the home with my sister and I getting on her nerves.  When my parents lost our home due to FORECLOSURE, it was a turning point in their lives.  They had to start over and not just financially but emotionally as well.

Fast forwarding my life married to a beautiful woman with our two sons, I think to myself how did I become who I am today?  You see what I did not tell you was that I was a fighter.  I got into some many fights that my mother wanted to place me in juvenile school!  I could write a book about the stupid things that I did as a young teen but how many of us could do the same?  I did not care for drugs, alcohol, sex before marriage, etc. because I knew enough about JESUS not to be that stupid!

You want to know my turning point? When my oldest son cried and told me that I don’t love him when he was four years old!  When my first son was born, it was a life-changing moment for me.  It basically confirm moving into fatherhood and now being the man that my son would look to for guidance and a role model.  I was ready physically but not spiritually.  I was not the greatest father nor husband at that time and it was to the point that I almost lost my wife and kids.  My oldest son, Jermaine Jr, has developmental delays and it made me angry when this was announced because I would ask God, WHY ME?  HOW CAN ANY OF MY SONS NOT BE NORMAL?

THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE! I could choose the path of forgiveness or the path of destruction.  I had to look myself in the mirror and apologize to myself for being stupid…YES you have to do that when you’re in the WRONG! I had to also apologize to GOD for not being who HE wants me to be!  Jermaine Jr and I cried together that day because I remember asking my father the same question which brought back memories.  My life changed that day knowing that GOD opened my eyes to having the same challenges at his age.  My parents never told me before and hid it from me all these years.  As I am typing this right now, I love my sons equally and do all that I can through the strength that GOD has given me to be the best father possible.   Just like GOD has healed me, I know that HE will do wonders for my sons.

So ask yourself this question, WHAT WAS YOUR TURNING POINT?  If you haven’t had one yet, what are you waiting for?



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