Warning Label

If you had a warning label, what would it read?

I heard this on the Willie Moore Jr. show last week and it got me to thinking… I thought about calling in but I never get through on radio shows so I figured I would share with you.

Anyway, I think my label would read “Contents explode under Contents under pressure picpressure“!! As I grow older (slow down.. I am only 33) I am learning that keeping stuff in makes me CRAZY! I mean it just isn’t healthy for me. I have to release, whether it be by talking it out, crying, screaming, yelling – I have to LET IT GO! (you probably thought about that FROZEN song didn’t you – don’t worry so did I).

But let’s be real it’s better to release frustrations, fears, attitudes and thoughts instead of keeping it bottled in. And do it in a healthy way; talk to a friend, let your spouse know how you really feel, sit down with your children and explain to them why you are frustrated with their actions or the best method – go to GOD in prayer. Let’s get to know each other better – let’s read each others warning labels and respond cautiously. When you know BETTER you DO BETTER.

What does your warning label read?

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